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As a social media specialist part of my job as I see it is to have sensible answers about the use and function of as many social media sites as possible.

I’ve had several invitations to join Naymz and some time this morning so I thought I’d check it out. I have to say, I’m not excited.

I don’t like the current practice of asking to troll through every other group I belong to in search of potential connections, but I understand why that is useful and can save time, and it is currently the ‘way its done’, so I just unchecked everything and moved on.

I don’t care for the ‘connect’ interface. You can go to a colleagues profile and get the option to ‘connect’ and its simple, but there is no opportunity to customize your invitation wording. What if you don’t remember who I am or where we met?

I also am not impressed by the search interface. You can search on a name, but there is no option for advanced searching to help you be sure you’re finding the *right* Bob Smith.

Generally, clunky interface. I thought they might be holding the nifty features for the paid upgrade, but nothing I’m looking for is on the upgrade features list.

I was afraid I was missing the good stuff, so I did some googled ‘how to use Naymz’ to see what others were saying. I found this excellent blog which includes some other links I found. I don’t think I’m missing anything.

Moving along.


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